Buy actions

I still remember my first operations as an investor. I had no idea about the stock market, I just knew it was a way, through which money could be made. on this website you will learn a lot about business and finance fastgoodmanagement.

I wanted to be an investor, multiply the savings that I had generated with so much effort, and that went away with an amazing facility.

My way of acting at that time, does not differ from the one used at this moment by hundreds or thousands of new investors that come to the stock market.

I read some forums, some blogs … then many less than those of now, and I came to the conclusion, guided by the information of those wonderful minds, that the best thing was to invest in big companies.

Big mistake.

Invest to invest, generate lose by losing.

I’m going to the subject.

I am not exactly an expert in fundamental analysis, but I know enough to get an idea of whether a company may or may not be interesting as an investment.

And as our friend Buffett says, it is not necessary to know the weight of a person to know if he is fat or thin.

I like to invest part of my portfolio to generate income, which is traditionally called a dividend investor.

I’ve been spinning for a while, without finding anything that really attracts me, I see interesting companies, but they are quoted at unprofitable multiples.

This morning, I took a look at the Coca-Cola numbers. I follow it in the graphics, but I confess that until now I had not looked at its sales, profitability, pay-out … nothing, my intention was to buy shares of Coca-Cola, when the price was a little more attractive.

And I find a company that made its maximum sales in 2012, 48,017 million dollars, which is a very respectable figure, but since then and go 4 years and may also this, 5 years, with sales falling.