How To Get A Job In Google

This director of Google has revealed what are the characteristics that most of the company’s workers share; Find out what they are and find out if you would fit into Google.┬áIf you want to get a good job in Google then we recommend that you not only know what you want to work on, you also have to know how to do business and get your interviewers interested in you, for that you can check this nimblev5 website.


Google is so popular that even 7-year-old girls want to work with them. Thus, it has also been called the most desired company to work in Spain. And, given the average salary of a Google employee in Spain, along with the company’s business environment, we are not surprised at all.


But what qualities do you need to have to work in Google? Darren Pleasance, CEO of the company with more than 20 teams around the world, gives us the answer.


In describing the characteristics shared by Google workers, he cites low levels of ego, fun, smart, ambiguous. Thus, Pleasance maintains that everyone “loves the fact that it is uncertain how the world will be even in 6 months here on Google.”


He went on to say that if you fit into that description, you probably fit Google well.


Leadership and the ability to solve problems are also qualities highly valued by Google when hiring new candidates.


The infallible curriculum that triumphs in companies, including Google

Google recruiters look at two things when hiring candidates: what have you done so far, and how do you show in the interview that you are a person who makes things happen? That’s right, an interview on Google can be more difficult than you think, and even more if you are interviewed by the founders of the company!


“We look for what we call GCA,” said Pleaseance. GCA stands for ‘general cognitive ability’. “We want people who are good at managing ambiguous situations and who can simplify the complicated,” Pleasance said.


In short, if you want to work in Google make sure not only to face ambiguous situations but to enjoy it, trying not to prioritize the need to be superior or stand out from the rest.