Every day new cases come out of people who have made huge fortunes thanks to Bitcoin, without going very far, the 50 Cent rapper who in 2015 declared himself in Bancarota today is one of the eccentric millionaires who boasts his enormous fortune thanks to some few bitcoins that he accepted in the past for one of his worst jobs. According to some media, he is “accidentally” a millionaire again. for more information on how to get rich quickly here a page that will advise you scienceandmoney.


However, not all cases are super stars that already know what it is to have a fortune. Most people who have made huge fortunes with Bitcoin, are ordinary people who, in most cases, invested the little money they had and turned it into huge fortunes thanks to this valuable cryptocurrency.


The case of Erik Finman was one of the most talked about, he started at age 12 with a challenge to his parents: if he was a millionaire when he was 18, he would not be forced to enroll in college, and it worked out better than what he was doing, Eric bought Bitcoins with a few dollars that his grandmother gave him and a few months later, he had become a multimillionaire. Today his fortune is valued at just over 40 million. Erik revealed: “I simply visited the following link and followed the instructions Step by Step to become a millionaire: How to Invest in Bitcoin in Spanish.


“In all cases there is a constant: the 3 followed the same method that we explained below to invest in Bitcoin safely and become millionaires”

One more case is that of Kristoffer Koch, a young Norwegian who for his thesis bought $ 27 dollars in Bitcoins, as part of an experiment. He finished his degree work and forgot about this micro investment. Some months later, if he knew this man had accumulated a fortune over $ 40 million dollars. It took several weeks for the news to learn the amazing value that Bitcoin had at that moment, remembered what he had done and when consulting his statement, he realized the amazing event. He was already a millionaire.