Teach Children To Take Care Of The Planet

On April 22nd, Mother Earth Day is celebrated all over the world, a day according to the United Nations to raise awareness and expand and diversify the environmental movement around the world, mobilizing it effectively to build a healthy and sustainable environment. against climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations. For more information about the environment and the planet, see this page worldwaterday2006.


Surely you also want to collaborate with a better and healthier planet, and for that reason we want to give you some tips so that you incorporate habits that will collaborate with the care of our Mother Earth.


Save water

Wasting water is one of the most damaging ways to attack our planet. There are many small gestures that can help us to save, some of them are to put flow reducers in our taps, never put the washing machine or dishwasher at half load and, of course, turn off the tap while we brush our teeth or scrub pots. To make our children aware of this task, we can propose to check when cleaning the teeth the amount of water that can be saved by simply closing the tap, placing under them a bucket that stores the water while leaving the tap open.


For gardeners

If you have a small garden, plant as many plants as possible! This activity, besides being simple and fun, brings great benefits to the planet, since plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. It will give you great satisfaction to see how what you have planted grows, as well as being a beautiful decoration for the garden. When it comes to taking care of it, avoid chemicals and bet on natural waste to pay. We also encourage you to make composting with your children, an activity that will entertain them while they learn. You will only need a big box, 2 garbage bags, dirt, vegetable waste and a shovel. You will have to line the box with garbage bags making holes at the sides to facilitate ventilation. Put it in a sunny place and let your children add organic waste, vegetable matter and soil. Every two days you will have to remove the mixture with a shovel and in a couple of weeks you will have the best fertilizer!