Technologic Education

At each age, your role as responsible for the technological education of your children changes. From the hand of the NGO Padres 2.0, discover what role you should play in the technological education or ICT (Information Technology and Communication) of your child. So we will also need to change our role with them and move from being explorers, to guardians and Jedi Masters according to the age they are in.  You as a mother have to have all the information on how your children’s health needs to be here here more information on this page naturaleuropeanwines.


Up to 9 years old: Explorer

Your child can not visit any Internet site, or play with any APP that you have not previously reviewed, that is, in your role as an explorer you have anticipated the risks and have marked the way forward to provide only 100 environments. % insurance in which you can play and discover without any risk and in which you will not need technological parental filters because it will always go hand in hand. You will discover Internet and ICT through you, you are the one who guides and guides you in your first steps through cyberspace. In the later ages of this stage you also teach the age codes of TV programs and videogames (PEGI code) and talk about the contents that are appropriate to their age. At these ages, enjoy playful experiences. The best TV and the best video game are you.


Between 10 and 13 years old: Guardian

In this period, you can go “letting go of your hand” on the Internet. Now you discover Internet websites, APPs and video games together. You teach the first rules and standards to take into account in the use of technology, such as time of use, game schedule or where in the house you can or can not connect. Your job is to control and supervise. You always go to your side and correct if you get out of the way. You offer ludic and formative experiences.


You set the first filters and always realize what you see and do on the Internet, with the same naturalness that you comment on how the day has gone in school or tell you how about your working day: talking about ICT with normality in the family will prevent future problems.