Get Kids To Eat Vegetables

It’s time to eat and the nightmare begins. Your children do not want to eat healthy! and this is a reality that is repeated in all families: we all want to find a way to get children to eat vegetables. It’s hard to teach them, and even once you’ve gotten, for example, to eat broccoli, it may be that one day they suddenly decide that broccoli is poison and, thus, all your hard work will not have served at all.¬†For more information about health issues that you and your family would be interested in, visit this site myfairlady50.


Well, do not suffer anymore, because all is not lost. If you can get your children to like (or at least accept) a vegetable at some point, they will return to it in the future (maybe in a very long time, but even so, it’s worth it). However, the key to overcoming this delicate problem so well known to everyone and getting the most fussy of food in general to try vegetables is to encourage children to select from a wide variety, so there will always be some can come to accept. Here we present some tips to get it.


  1. Serve small portions

It is easy to fall into the routine regarding your own vegetable intake, and also with our children. However, if we want there to be a variety of foods in their diet we should serve them a wide variety of foods: cabbage one night, lettuce the other, green beans, and so on. And yes, this means that you should also eat a wide variety of vegetables too.


It is more likely that those who detest them are not very happy with so much variety, as controlling and not leaving what you are used to are the main characteristics of fussy children with food. To deal with this discontent, alternate the “safe” vegetables of your child with other unfamiliar ones who may feel literally threatened. Also, serve new vegetables and those you do not like, do it in smaller portions. You must take a long-term view here, and making them ingest a large amount is less important than making sure they are exposed to the wide variety that exists.


  1. Stay firm

Although it is a very unpopular advice, because frankly, it is annoying, not to mention that it is expensive, serving vegetables that you know you do not like at least 15 times in the hope that in the end you accept it is necessary to get children Eat vegetables. Persistence may be the most effective strategy to get children to eat.