Salmorejo dishes to combat the heat

With the heat what you most want are refreshing dishes that do not require spending too much time in the kitchen. One of the stars of this era is salmorejo. So that you can make variations on the traditional dish we offer you the recipe of the Salmorejo from Cordoba and three alternatives with which to have fun and enjoy eating this cold soup. For more information on how to cook delicious for your family and friends here on this page come many tips that will serve much jimssteaksphilly.


  1. Traditional salmorejo


To start we suggest you make the recipe for the salmorejo cordob├ęs, a dish that never fails in summer.



1 kilo of ripe tomatoes

250 g of bread loaf

virgin olive oil

garlic and salt


Wash and part the tomatoes. Take away the heart Go through the crusher and create a cream with them.

Cut the bread into slices and cover with the crushed tomato.

Leave until they are impregnated. It goes through a kitchen robot together with the clove of garlic to create a thick cream.

If you want it to be lighter, reduce the amount of bread to add.

Once all processed goes through a sieve to remove the seeds and skins of the tomato.

Add the olive oil and beat again until the consistency you want.


  1. Beet Salmorejo


Add a different touch to the traditional salmorejo by combining tomatoes with beetroot.



600 g of ripe tomato

400 g of ready beet

8 strawberries

100 g of bread

2 cloves of garlic

olive oil, vinegar and salt


Wash and cut the vegetables by removing the tomato core.

Mix boiled beets, tomatoes, garlic and breadcrumbs in a food processor until they have a creamy texture.

Add the olive oil and salt to taste. Mix again until the consistency you want is there.

Strain everything to avoid impurities and keep in the refrigerator until lunchtime.

Serve with some strawberries cut in half and a few drops of olive oil.