Teach Children To Take Care Of The Planet

On April 22nd, Mother Earth Day is celebrated all over the world, a day according to the United Nations to raise awareness and expand and diversify the environmental movement around the world, mobilizing it effectively to build a healthy and sustainable environment. against climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations. For more information about the environment and the planet, see this page worldwaterday2006.


Surely you also want to collaborate with a better and healthier planet, and for that reason we want to give you some tips so that you incorporate habits that will collaborate with the care of our Mother Earth.


Save water

Wasting water is one of the most damaging ways to attack our planet. There are many small gestures that can help us to save, some of them are to put flow reducers in our taps, never put the washing machine or dishwasher at half load and, of course, turn off the tap while we brush our teeth or scrub pots. To make our children aware of this task, we can propose to check when cleaning the teeth the amount of water that can be saved by simply closing the tap, placing under them a bucket that stores the water while leaving the tap open.


For gardeners

If you have a small garden, plant as many plants as possible! This activity, besides being simple and fun, brings great benefits to the planet, since plants use carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the atmosphere. It will give you great satisfaction to see how what you have planted grows, as well as being a beautiful decoration for the garden. When it comes to taking care of it, avoid chemicals and bet on natural waste to pay. We also encourage you to make composting with your children, an activity that will entertain them while they learn. You will only need a big box, 2 garbage bags, dirt, vegetable waste and a shovel. You will have to line the box with garbage bags making holes at the sides to facilitate ventilation. Put it in a sunny place and let your children add organic waste, vegetable matter and soil. Every two days you will have to remove the mixture with a shovel and in a couple of weeks you will have the best fertilizer!


How to Reject Candidates

In a recent publication, we talked about the importance of leading teams in front of directing people. The recruiters have to face every day many challenges among which are to capture the best talent for our organizations but, once we get it, the process is not over yet. Perhaps one of the most important parts is missing: loyalty to the candidates. for more business tips you can access this page climateweeknyc2010.


On numerous occasions we have talked about the importance of creating loyalty and creating engagement among the company’s employees, since they are the best weapon of dissemination and notoriety to, on the one hand, attract talent, and on the other, improve Employer Branding. The same goes for the candidates.


We must not forget that a person who has sent their profile to our offer is because they are interested in working with us and their attitude towards the brand is positive. If, on the other hand, he does not receive any type of response or comments about his non-inclusion for the position, his impression will turn negative, not only losing excellent candidates for other possible positions, but also damaging the brand image.


How to communicate in a human and positive way with the candidates?

1- Write a personalized and humanized email

Not only is it important to inform the candidate that on this occasion he or she has not been chosen for the job, but it must also be done with a humanized communication. This means that the standard mass emails that some companies send are not the most appropriate.


The candidate must realize that there is a person and not a machine behind the rejection email. For this, a good advice is to include in the text of the email personalized data of the person to which we go.


2- Use the feedback sandwich

The “Feedback Sandwich” is what recruiting experts and coaches define as “praise, criticism, praise.” This means that when you are creating the text to send, you must offer relevant and objective data on why this time the person has not been selected.


Let’s give an example: “We really liked your experience in the Financial area, however we are looking for someone with more commercial experience. We will not hesitate to contact you again, if a position of these characteristics arises. “Positive, Negative, Positive”.


3- Go straight to the point and assume your leadership

Recruiters must act as leaders when making decisions and communicating them, so it is not a good idea to make detours, which can lead to confusion in the candidates. Do not use phrases like “the company has informed me that you are not suitable for the position …” or “the management has decided to choose another profile …”


Personality disorder

Many people sometimes resort to avoidance to eliminate the anxiety produced by certain situations. However, the avoidance that occurs in the personality disorder by avoidance (TPE) is widespread and occurs at the behavioral, emotional and cognitive level. This type of illness makes people fail to accept promotions in companies for thinking that they are not good enough to carry out for more business information here a counselor page open-first.


These people avoid practically all contact with others due to the anxiety they feel. That is, they are not solitary people who prefer to have few contacts with others, but they want the affection, friendship and acceptance of others but have a fear of rejection so deep that it prevents the beginning or deepening of friendships. They usually consider themselves socially inept and see others as superiors, thinking that they would reject or criticize if they knew them.


This disorder bears resemblance to social phobia. However, people with social phobias fear humiliation and have little confidence in their social skills, but they do not avoid close relationships, but only certain social circumstances (public speaking, large groups, etc.).


People with avoidant personality disorder want to approach other people but have few social relationships, especially few intimate relationships. They are afraid to initiate contact or respond to the initiative of others to approach them because they are sure that they will eventually be rejected.




Avoidant personality disorder consists of a generalized pattern of social discomfort, fear of negative evaluation and shyness, initiated at the beginning of adulthood and present in various contexts, indicated by at least four of the following features:


Criticism or disapproval hurt him easily.

He has no close friends or confidants (or only one) who are not first-degree relatives.

He is not willing to get involved with other people unless he is sure they like it.

Avoid social or work activities that involve significant interpersonal contact; for example, it rejects a promotion that will increase social demands.

Is reluctant in social situations for fear of saying something inappropriate or silly, or to be unable to answer a question.

She fears being disturbed by a blushing or crying fit, or showing signs of anxiety in front of other people.

It exaggerates the difficulties, the physical dangers or the potential risks of doing something common but out of your routine; For example, he cancels social plans because he anticipates that the effort to reach the place will leave him exhausted.

The thinking schemes



Every day new cases come out of people who have made huge fortunes thanks to Bitcoin, without going very far, the 50 Cent rapper who in 2015 declared himself in Bancarota today is one of the eccentric millionaires who boasts his enormous fortune thanks to some few bitcoins that he accepted in the past for one of his worst jobs. According to some media, he is “accidentally” a millionaire again. for more information on how to get rich quickly here a page that will advise you scienceandmoney.


However, not all cases are super stars that already know what it is to have a fortune. Most people who have made huge fortunes with Bitcoin, are ordinary people who, in most cases, invested the little money they had and turned it into huge fortunes thanks to this valuable cryptocurrency.


The case of Erik Finman was one of the most talked about, he started at age 12 with a challenge to his parents: if he was a millionaire when he was 18, he would not be forced to enroll in college, and it worked out better than what he was doing, Eric bought Bitcoins with a few dollars that his grandmother gave him and a few months later, he had become a multimillionaire. Today his fortune is valued at just over 40 million. Erik revealed: “I simply visited the following link and followed the instructions Step by Step to become a millionaire: How to Invest in Bitcoin in Spanish.


“In all cases there is a constant: the 3 followed the same method that we explained below to invest in Bitcoin safely and become millionaires”

One more case is that of Kristoffer Koch, a young Norwegian who for his thesis bought $ 27 dollars in Bitcoins, as part of an experiment. He finished his degree work and forgot about this micro investment. Some months later, if he knew this man had accumulated a fortune over $ 40 million dollars. It took several weeks for the news to learn the amazing value that Bitcoin had at that moment, remembered what he had done and when consulting his statement, he realized the amazing event. He was already a millionaire.

Advantages of online printing

Nowadays it is common to find that most of the companies are launched in the search for more customers through different online campaigns as occurs, for example, with the use of Social Networks or email marketing. 

For more information on business matters, you can continue reading but on this website smartnation-forbes.


But this does not mean, in any case, that marketing departments have forgotten about offline campaigns, far from it. It happens as it happened with the newspaper at the time when the television appeared. It is not extinguished, they coexist and complement each other.


For this reason it is not surprising that those in charge of this department look for the best options to carry out their work and this is where they have found a great ally in the printing presses on the Web, as is the case with the ABCimprenta online printing press. Here is a list of the main advantages of online printing compared to the traditional ones that explain why the former are being used more and more.


  1. Greater comfort and more facilities. You just have to upload the design that has been carried out and select the product that is considered most appropriate (flyers, cards, canvas, posters, brochures, magazines, folders, labels …) In case you have a idea in mind but do not know how to translate it, you can also count on the advice of a professional in the field that will be in charge of obtaining the best results. And all this, without having to go anywhere. Wherever you are and whatever the time, you can carry out the order.


  1. Savings. Not only in the economic aspect, but also because you can find offers and promotions that are not present in the physical store. But also because in order to have a good design, as we said, it is not necessary to have a designer on staff and you also save time (to the displacement you have to add the wait in the same store). As if it were not enough, most of the Online printers have delivery services in 24 hours, for those who run faster.


  1. Ease of purchase. In the websites of online printing companies, the whole process can be carried out in a very intuitive way because it is usually separated by categories. The moment you have clear what you want to order, you only have to validate the payment and wait for the delivery.


  1. Professional team on the other side. Since you will never be in a position to coincide with other clients at the same time, when you contact these types of companies you can be sure that they will devote 100% of their efforts to help and advise.

Influencers In Marketing

Since the world moved into the digital era, the way things are done is constantly changing. If what you need is more information about how to handle business matters then you can access this website for help luckystruck.


What once was effective today does not work or even is considered inadequate, so new strategies must be generated for a business to work. Online marketing, for example, has undergone such a transformation that it can be said that it is completely unrecognizable. And surely it will not stay where it is today. Although we want to take a look at a figure that was born with the millennial generation and that is very important at the moment. We are talking about the influencer, a very important profile for those who want to do Internet marketing.

What is an influencer?
It is called influencer to that person who has many followers on the Internet. Well through readers of your blog, profiles on social networks or ability to reach the public with a simple comment. It has been compared with the old opinion leaders, and the thing is not misguided because a few words for or against a company, brand or product can make the difference between shoot their sales or become a failure.

But becoming an influencer is not easy. Although you can start to get real followers for the social network instagram or develop a similar plan in other networks, who wants to become a relevant figure must have a very specific profile. Its veracity is always in question, so it is only exposed to talk about something when you are sure that it is so. At least at the beginning, because when he has gained the trust of thousands (or millions) of followers, it is because he has maintained a line that makes him a reliable person. In someone influential.

How to work with an influencer if you want to do marketing
The first thing you have to consider if you want an influencer to collaborate with you, is that the product or market in which you move has to be in tune with yours. If you want to do marketing for DIY ecommerce do not contact a kitchen influencer, because he will not listen to you. And if it does, the chances are that your campaigns will not get the impact they should have.

Another detail to keep in mind is how he develops his own campaigns. Because a good influencer also works his brand. Well with professional management of Google Adwords campaigns or through other channels, this character knows that your image is your company and as such takes care of it. If you do not do so, it may be more interesting to look for other profiles.

How To Get A Job In Google

This director of Google has revealed what are the characteristics that most of the company’s workers share; Find out what they are and find out if you would fit into Google. If you want to get a good job in Google then we recommend that you not only know what you want to work on, you also have to know how to do business and get your interviewers interested in you, for that you can check this nimblev5 website.


Google is so popular that even 7-year-old girls want to work with them. Thus, it has also been called the most desired company to work in Spain. And, given the average salary of a Google employee in Spain, along with the company’s business environment, we are not surprised at all.


But what qualities do you need to have to work in Google? Darren Pleasance, CEO of the company with more than 20 teams around the world, gives us the answer.


In describing the characteristics shared by Google workers, he cites low levels of ego, fun, smart, ambiguous. Thus, Pleasance maintains that everyone “loves the fact that it is uncertain how the world will be even in 6 months here on Google.”


He went on to say that if you fit into that description, you probably fit Google well.


Leadership and the ability to solve problems are also qualities highly valued by Google when hiring new candidates.


The infallible curriculum that triumphs in companies, including Google

Google recruiters look at two things when hiring candidates: what have you done so far, and how do you show in the interview that you are a person who makes things happen? That’s right, an interview on Google can be more difficult than you think, and even more if you are interviewed by the founders of the company!


“We look for what we call GCA,” said Pleaseance. GCA stands for ‘general cognitive ability’. “We want people who are good at managing ambiguous situations and who can simplify the complicated,” Pleasance said.


In short, if you want to work in Google make sure not only to face ambiguous situations but to enjoy it, trying not to prioritize the need to be superior or stand out from the rest.


Buy actions

I still remember my first operations as an investor. I had no idea about the stock market, I just knew it was a way, through which money could be made. on this website you will learn a lot about business and finance fastgoodmanagement.

I wanted to be an investor, multiply the savings that I had generated with so much effort, and that went away with an amazing facility.

My way of acting at that time, does not differ from the one used at this moment by hundreds or thousands of new investors that come to the stock market.

I read some forums, some blogs … then many less than those of now, and I came to the conclusion, guided by the information of those wonderful minds, that the best thing was to invest in big companies.

Big mistake.

Invest to invest, generate lose by losing.

I’m going to the subject.

I am not exactly an expert in fundamental analysis, but I know enough to get an idea of whether a company may or may not be interesting as an investment.

And as our friend Buffett says, it is not necessary to know the weight of a person to know if he is fat or thin.

I like to invest part of my portfolio to generate income, which is traditionally called a dividend investor.

I’ve been spinning for a while, without finding anything that really attracts me, I see interesting companies, but they are quoted at unprofitable multiples.

This morning, I took a look at the Coca-Cola numbers. I follow it in the graphics, but I confess that until now I had not looked at its sales, profitability, pay-out … nothing, my intention was to buy shares of Coca-Cola, when the price was a little more attractive.

And I find a company that made its maximum sales in 2012, 48,017 million dollars, which is a very respectable figure, but since then and go 4 years and may also this, 5 years, with sales falling.



The strips

Siempre estamos en la búsqueda de la figura ideal, si nuestra necesidad es quitar unos centímetros a nuestra cintura, hacemos de todo para conseguirlo y a veces funciona y en ocaciones no tanto. Me di a la tarea de investigar un poco sobre las fajas, debido a la controvesia que existe en cuanto a si realmente funcionan o no. Siempre  que quieres unirte a una empresa tienes que ser guapa y esbelta, por eso necesitas ademas de ser bonita necesitas saber de finanzas, aqui un consejo, visita esta pagina visionindustriescorp.

Después de escuchar al Médico Cirujano Estético Carlos Alberto Olguín, en una etrevista de radio, me doy cuenta que debemos tener claro cual es el resultado que deseamos obtener al usar estas fajas. Si el propósito es adelgazar estamos con el método equivocado, ya que la faja básicamente es modeladora, esto significa que solamente delineará nuestra figura. Es decir, una faja logrará el reacomodo de la grasa y no la pérdida de ella.

Lo ideal son las fajas modeladoras

Otro punto importante y que debemos tener muy claro al momento de utilizar fajas, es que son modeladoras pero no son mágicas, así que no esperemos ver resultados de la noche a la mañana, ya que se requiere de constancia al usarlas y solo de esta manera llegarás a tener una bonita figura.

Al utilizar la faja modeladora estamos consiguiendo que las células de grasa no crezcan a su libre albedrío, es así como evitamos las molestas lonjitas que en gran parte se han formado por el tipo de ropa que usamos, ya que sin saberlo estamos contribuyendo a su formación.

Las fajas y el ejercicio

Las fajas no son recomendables para hacer ejercicio debido a que al usarlas generan calor que llega a temperaturas muy elevadas, logrando que el

Sad Mother In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a particularly sensitive stage for women. There are many changes that are taking place in his life, both physically and emotionally, and of course this is not alien to gestation. The emotional health of the mother strongly influences the development of the fetus and the health of the baby and leave sequels for the rest of their lives. If you want your children to be great and successful rich entrepreneurs you have to go teaching them all about finances, with this page you will serve much apcprocess.


Anxiety and depression in pregnancy is more common than we think. It is believed that one in four women suffer and there are investigations that relate these emotional states with higher rates of ADHD, impulsive behaviors and disorders in the development of their children. But what does the baby feel when the mother is sad?


According to a study by the University of California-Irvine, when the mother is sad, depressed or experiences a very strong emotional experience, the neuronal activity of her brain is modified, generating chemical changes that reach the baby through the bloodstream. Something similar to what happens with drugs or alcohol.


The authors of the research analyzed several mothers who suffered depression before and after pregnancy, and at birth, they did the same with their babies. They explain:


“Human fetuses are active participants in their own development and are collecting information for their own lives after birth. They are preparing for the rest of them based on messages or signals that the mother provides them and if, what really surprised us in this study was to prove that babies could feel precisely that, the psychological state of their mother “


By opposition, when the mother is happy and laughs, she produces endorphins that pass to the baby through the placenta and produce feelings of happiness, well-being.


It is indisputable that what the mother feels, feels the baby in gestation. Although we believe that it is protected and isolated from the outside world, the emotional health of the mother influences its development and will affect her emotional and physical well-being for the rest of her life.


If you are pregnant and you are going through a difficult situation, we give you some tips to keep stress away. If you think you might be suffering from depression in pregnancy, at the slightest symptom, seek professional help. For your health and that of your unborn baby.